Use of Molecular Tools to Identify Patients With Indolent Breast Cancers With Ultralow Risk Over 2 Decades

Publication Name: JAMA Oncology

Author(s): Laura J. Esserman, MD, MBA; Christina Yau, PhD; Carlie K. Thompson, MD; Laura J. van 't Veer, PhD; Alexander D. Borowsky, MD; Katherine A. Hoadley, PhD; Nicholas P. Tobin, PhD; Bo Nordenskjöld, MD, PhD; Tommy Fornander, MD, PhD; Olle Stål, PhD; Christopher C. Benz, MD; Linda S. Lindström, PhD

Importance The frequency of cancers with indolent behavior has increased with screening. Better tools to identify indolent tumors are needed to avoid overtreatment. Objective To determine if a multigene classifier is associated with indolent behavior of invasive breast cancers in … Continued

MammaPrint® Late Recurrence (20yr) Low Risk result identifies breast cancer patients with 97% survival at 20-years with limited endocrine therapy treatment

Retrospective analysis of patient samples from the prospective, randomized Stockholm Tamoxifen Trial demonstrates clinical utility of MammaPrint in identifying breast cancer patients with exceedingly low likelihood for late recurrence at 20-years MammaPrint Late Recurrence (20yr) Low Risk result identifies sub-group … Continued