Hiring Process

The steps below outline the typical hiring process for new candidates:


1 – Review Career Opportunities

Review all current opportunities

2 – Apply

Did you find a job that interests you? Wonderful! We encourage you to apply for all positions of interest that match your experience and education.  Please send an email to Human Resources at jobs@agendia.com.

3 – Assessment

This is the time for an Agendia representative to examine applicants’ skills, experience and education against the requirements for an open role.

4 – Interview

An Agendia representative will contact the most qualified candidates and invite them to an interview. This stage can include a phone interview and one or two rounds of in-person interview(s).

5 – Job Offer and Welcome

Agendia will select the candidate that is the best fit for the role; a hiring manager will contact the selected candidate to extend the job offer.

Accepted our offer? Welcome to Agendia and congratulations!

We will provide you with information that you need to ensure you have everything that you need to be ready for your first day and complete your final employment forms.