MammaPrint® 70-gene Breast Cancer Recurrence Assay

Prognostic and Predictive:  MammaPrint answers your Clinical Questions

MammaPrint can help you answer the most important clinical questions for the care and management of breast cancer patients:

  • Who is at risk for recurrence?
  • Does MammaPrint help identify which patients may safely forego chemotherapy?
  • What is the optimal treatment for each patient?

See the Validation and Clinical Utility sections below for more information

MammaPrint is the only breast cancer assay backed by peer-reviewed, prospective outcome data1

In the first ever prospective clinical study for a breast cancer recurrence assay, RASTER (MicroarRAy PrognoSTics in Breast CancER) confirmed the utility of the MammaPrint 70-gene signature to identify those breast cancer patients that may safely forgo chemotherapy.  As compared to standard clincopathological classification, MammaPrint re-stratified 20% of Clinical High Risk patients to Low risk.  97% of this Low Risk patient group which primarily chose to forgo chemotherapy, were disease free at 5 years.