ColoPrint® 18-Gene Colon Cancer Recurrence Assay

A key challenge in the management of colon cancer patients diagnosed with Stage II disease is determining their risk of recurrence and the impact it has on treatment decisions with adjuvant chemotherapy. Existing guidelines using traditional clinico-pathological factors (such as lymph node assessment, T4 tumors, bowel obstruction/perforation, perineural/vascular invasion, grade, MMR/MSI status) provide suggestions for risk stratification, but are not sufficient to stratify the risk of recurrence for most patients. ColoPrint provides a definitive recurrence risk assessment for stage II patients and eliminates the indeterminate or intermediate results found in up to 70 percent of patients using traditional methods.19  In combination with clinical factors, ColoPrint individualizes the recurrence risk assessment and provides definitive binary results, stratifying patients as either Low Risk, or High Risk of recurrence.