Agendia Presentations

We strive to ensure physicians and patients hear the latest advancements in genomic testing from Agendia through presentations at national symposiums and meetings.  Results from ongoing trials using assays from the Agendia Breast Cancer Test Suite provide numerous opportunities to share updates and exciting data.  Click on the videos below to see key-opinion leaders discuss Agendia’s impact on breast cancer care.


2014 San Antonio Breast Cancer Symposium

Expert panel discussion on the evolution of breast cancer management and a case based approach to genomic profiling with
MammaPrint + BluePrint

Moderator:  Adam Brufksy, MD, PhD – University of Pittsburgh Medical Center

Speaker: Pat Whitworth, MD – Nashville Breast Cancer Center

Speaker: Fatima Cardoso, MD – Champalimaud Cancer Center

Speaker: Massimo Cristofanilli, MD, FACP – Thomas Jefferson University




Functional Molecular Subtypes and NBRST Updates – Pat Whitworth, MD                                        



The Hidden High Risk Patient – Massimo Cristofanilli, MD

  • Is she really Low Risk?  45 y/o AA woman diagnosed with IDC, 1.7cm mass, grade III, ER+ (60%), PR+ (30%), HER2- (neg).  Recurrence Score of 10.


The Reclassified Basal-type Patient – Massimo Cristofanilli, MD

  • Is her tumor really Luminal-type?  54 y/o woman diagnosed with IDC, large palpable mass (4.5x 3.5 cm), ER+ (5%), PR+ (4%) HER2- (neg).


The Low Risk, Lymph Node Positive Patient – Fatima Cardoso, MD

  • Will she benefit from chemotherapy?  50 y/o diagnosed with IDC, grade II, 2.1cm mass, ER+ (85%), PR+ (80%), HER2- (neg), Ki67+ (5%), LN+.