Clinical Utility

BluePrint Classifies breast cancer subtypes more precisely than IHC/FISH10

In a 2013 study conducted by Glück et al., the evaluation of pathologic complete response (pCR) rates with neoadjuvant therapy among patients stratified by traditional subtyping vs molecular subtyping was performed.  The results showed that BluePrint + MammaPrint allowed determination of a patient’s potential level of responsiveness to neoadjuvant chemotherapy more accurately vs. IHC/FISH, with better correlation with long-term clinical treatment outcomes.

  • 21% of patients reclassified as Low Risk Luminal-type (A) with molecular subtyping, not identified by IHC.  The Distant Metastasis Free Survival (DMFS) rate for this group was 93% at 5 years and showed little if any benefit to chemotherapy (pCR 6%)
  • Ability to identify High Risk Luminal-type (B) patients, correlated with worse DMFS as compared to Low Risk Luminal-type (A)
  • Identified 43% of HER2+ patients as having a dominant Luminal pathway, which may lead to alternative treatment planning
Adapted from Glück et al, Breast Cancer Res. Treat., 2013
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