Growing body of evidence

Agendia’s extensive clinical registry trials and research collaborations have produced numerous retrospective and prospective validation studies over the past decade further supporting the prognostic and predictive ability of MammaPrint and BluePrint for early stage breast cancer patients.  In addition, large, multi-institutional clinical trials, such as MINDACT and ISPY-2, can be expected to expand the assay’s clinical importance and indications for use. In the first ever prospective, observational study for a breast cancer recurrence assay, the five year prospective results of the RASTER study were published indicating that chemotherapy may be safely withheld in MammaPrint identified Low Risk breast cancer patients.  The Low Risk patient group, which primarily chose to forego chemotherapy, had a 97% distant recurrence free interval (DRFI) at 5 years.  

With Agendia’s state-of-the-art molecular diagnostic laboratories in California and the Netherlands, the company is actively engaging academic centers, medical institutions and pharmaceutical companies in clinical trials collaboration opportunities, globally.

Currently, Agendia is enrolling institutions and cancer centers worldwide in the following studies: