MammaPrint and BluePrint Summary of Results

A new and improved, updated Summary of Results has now been launched to accompany the MammaPrint and BluePrint Results Reports


New Features

  • Combined clinical and genomic risk assessment data from the landmark MINDACT clinical trial
  • Clear and user-friendly patient outcome data
  • Updated figures to help facilitate patient discussion
  • Additional information for patients with a MammaPrint Late Recurrence (20yr) Low Risk result
  • Helpful background information and references

These enhancements were based on feedback and consultations with physicians in many countries throughout Europe.

There are 10 different combinations of the Summary of Results depending on the tests you order and the results. The MammaPrint 70-Gene Breast Cancer Risk of Recurrence test can be ordered separately or in combination with the BluePrint Molecular Subtyping test as both tests are run concurrently on the same sample.

Note that, whilst the Summary of Results has changed, the MammaPrint and BluePrint Results Report retains the same data and appearance that you are used to. An update of the Results Report is currently in progress.