MammaPrint accurately identifies good prognosis group within clinically indeterminate risk patients.

Publication Name: Poster, ESMO 2008

Author(s): A. M. Glas , F. de Snoo, C. Dreezen, P. Roepman, R. Bender, L. Van ‘t Veer .

A 70-gene tumor expression profile was established as a powerful predictor of disease outcome in patients with breast cancer.(1,2) The test, known as “MammaPrint,” was validated in independent cohorts, and implementation was shown to be feasible in community hospitals.(3-7) We have shown that MammaPrint predicts risk of recurrence in T1, T2 N0 and N1-3+ breast cancer patients, independent of hormone receptor status and other traditional clinical factors. Here we investigate the performance of MammaPrint in patients with small tumors usually regarded as low risk patients.

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