Molecular subtyping improves stratification of patients into diagnostically more meaningful risk groups

Publication Name: Cancer Research

Author(s): Massimo Cristofanilli, Karen Kaul, Mary Turk, JoEllen Weaver, Jelle Wesseling, Lisette Stork-Sloots, Femke de Snoo, Katharine Yao

This retrospective study showed that Molecular Subtyping of early breast cancers using Mammaprint and BluePrint leads to reclassification of 25% (51/208) of tumors with
potential therapeutic and prognostic implications:

– 39% of clinical HER-2 disease should have been treated with therapies for Luminal-type disease (e.g. endocrine therapy)
– 20% of clinical triple negative disease could have been treated with therapies for Luminal and HER2-type disease (endocrine therapy and trastuzumab-based regimens)

The use of Mammaprint and BluePrint should be implemented in the management of primary breast cancer for the selection of adjuvant therapy in this era of personalized care. Those diagnostic platforms allow precision medicine by accurately predicting the molecular phenotype of the disease.

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