NBRST – Prospective neo-adjuvant registry trial linking MammaPrint, subtyping and treatment response: Neoadjuvant Breast Registry – Symphony Trial

Publication Name: Cancer Research

Author(s): Pat Whitworth, Mark Gittleman, Stephanie Akbari, Bichlien Nguyen, Paul Baron, Michael Rotkiss, Jennifer Beatty, Jessica Gibson, Lisette Stork-Sloots, Femke de Snoo, Peter Beitsch

The scope of this registry study is to measure chemosensitivity as defined by pCR (primary endpoint), or endocrine sensitivity as defined by partial response (decrease in longest tumor diameter or residual cancer burden category 1 (RCB1), a primary endpoint for neo-adjuvant endocrine therapy and a secondary endpoint for neoadjuvant chemotherapy), metastasis-free survival and relapse-free survival(secondary endpoints) in molecular subgroups, determined by the established MammaPrint, BluePrint, Targetprint and Theraprint profiles in addition to possible novel expression profiles

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