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We believe patients should be empowered with clear results. By delivering best-in-class precision oncology tests to guide treatment management approaches, we help make peace of mind possible.

Clear results matter

The genomic insight provided by our tests helps assess the risk of breast cancer recurring.
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The data behind our precision approach

Backed by the highest level of evidence, our tests are driving the most innovative new studies. View studies

New Studies Show MammaPrint® and BluePrint® Tests Provide Greater Clarity Regarding Risk of Breast Cancer Recurrence and Classifications for Treatment

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The path to personalized treatment

A breast cancer diagnosis can often mean you are faced with many difficult and unanswered questions. Do I need chemotherapy? What are my options? Can I benefit from a less radical treatment strategy? At Agendia, we believe it’s our collective responsibility to help ease this anxiety with breakthrough genomic testing for breast cancer.

Our clinically proven MammaPrint® and BluePrint® tests provide patients with valuable information hidden in the genes of their tumor. They also provide physicians with the genomics data they need to make informed personalized treatment management decisions with confidence.

I am so thankful that I had all the information I needed—thanks to personalized medicine—to make the right decision for me and my particular cancer. I was treated as an individual and not as a disease. — Sara, a breast cancer survivor

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