A Gene-Expression Signature as a Predictor of Survival in Breast Cancer

December 19, 2002

PUBLICATION: N Engl J Med. 2002 Dec 19;347(25):1999-2009. AUTHORS: van de Vijver M.J., He Y.D., van’t Veer L.J., Dai H., Hart A.A., Voskuil D.W., Schreiber G.J., Peterse J.L., Roberts C., Marton M.J., Parrish M., Atsma D., Witteveen A., Glas A., Delahaye L., van der Velde T., Bartelink H., Rodenhuis S., Rutgers E.T., Friend S.H., Bernards R. SUMMARY: Among…

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Gene Expression Profiling Predicts Clinical Outcome of Breast Cancer

January 31, 2002

PUBLICATION: Nature. 2002 Jan 31;415(6871):530-6. AUTHORS: van ‘t Veer L.J., Dai H., van de Vijver M.J., He Y.D., Hart A.A., Mao M., Peterse H.L., van der Kooy K., Marton M.J., Witteveen A.T., Schreiber G.J., Kerkhoven R.M., Roberts C., Linsley P.S., Bernards R., Friend S.H. SUMMARY: Development of MammaPrint from 98 tumors, to 78 (non-BRCA). his gene expression profile…

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