Validation and Clinical Utility of a 70-Gene Prognostic Signature for Women with Node-Negative Breast Cancer

September 6, 2006

PUBLICATION: J Natl Cancer Inst. 2006 Sep 6;98(17):1183-92. AUTHORS: Buyse M., Loi S., van’t Veer L., Viale G., Delorenzi M., Glas A.M., d’Assignies M.S., Bergh J., Lidereau R., Ellis P., Harris A., Bogaerts J., Therasse P., Floore A., Amakrane M., Piette F., Rutgers E., Sotiriou C., Cardoso F., Piccart M.J.; TRANSBIG Consortium. SUMMARY: The 70-gene signature outperformed the…

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