ASCO 2020: HER2 Reclassification

May 29, 2020

PUBLICATION:  ASCO 20 AUTHORS:  Adam Brufsky, Jennifer A. Crozier, Paul J. Chuba, Sung Ho Lee, Andrea Menicucci, Heather M. Kling, Erin Yoder, William Audeh, FLEX Investigators’ Group SUMMARY:  Biological heterogeneity of HER2 positive breast cancers is supported by a modest benefit of HER2- targeted therapies reported in the APHINITY and ExteNET trials. This highlights the…

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AACR BluePrint HER2 Poster 2612

April 18, 2018

AUTHORS: Pei Rong Evelyn Lee, Zelos Zhu, Denise Wolf, Christina Yau, William Audeh, Annuska Glas, Lamorna Brown-Swigart, Gillian Hirst, Angela DeMichele, ISPY2 TRIAL Investigators, Laura Esserman and Laura van ‘t Veer DESCRIPTION: BluePrint Luminal subtype predicts non-response to HER2-targeted therapies in HR+/HER2+ I-SPY2 breast cancer patients BluePrint® molecular profile determines the mRNA levels of 80…

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