November 24, 2014

Gene Expression Profiling to Predict the Risk of Locoregional Recurrence in Breast Cancer: A Pooled Analysis

Breast Cancer Res Treat (2014) 148: 599.

C.A. Drukker, S.G. Elias, M.V. Nijenhuis, J. Wesseling, H. Bartelink, P. Elkhuizen, B. Fowble, P.W. Whitworth, R.R. Patel, F.A. de Snoo, L.J. van ’t Veer, P.D. Beitsch, E.J. Th. Rutgers

After a median follow-up of 8.96 years with 87 LRRs, patients with a high-risk 70-gene signature (n = 492) had an LRR risk of 12.6 % (95 % CI 9.7–15.8) at 10 years, compared to 6.1 % (95 % CI 4.1–8.5) for low-risk patients (n = 561; P\0.001).

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